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How to win more than a game ClixGrid

I wanted this topic for one thing only. While touring one of the forums that promote these companies through specialized sections, encountered Multi explains Join Pklex Sense, important explanation was excellent and images elegant and beautiful habit Arabs when he came to mention the minimum of the pay he $ 10 (currently only 8) and is high but not wrong you can easily collected a $ 5 profit twice on ClixGrid game so he said. And I laughed a lot because I used to play in this network for this I decided to write this post and tell you I'm in this blog that if you could win $ 1 during the week you are more people lucky Saarafh. Gray fill your item, if each person winning the $ 5 from this game, do you think they were to continue to be placed there. They earn more than they pay for the lucky. In fact they do not leave anything to chance they determine how much pay per day for the winners. I understand what I mean Well to get into the heart of the matter.
The first thing you have to understand that this network moral argument, any of the religious aspect profit halal or haram? . Well, you do not pay any money for playing in the network for the element of gambling or risk does not exist. The second element is the ratio of luck. Yes this game depends largely on luck so I call it a game of luck as that subject is "more than likely" and not won. Large proportion of luck enter this game in the spiral is halal or haram. Important if you want to try it I'll show you some information about how to increase your chances, the information that I will present to you is the result of my experiences with the network - no longer ply lost Agtinat and thank God - and note the places that usually profit from others, here's the picture.

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