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Active Trader - Futures

Purpose of the Program
Clients, who trade actively with futures contracts, are entitled to flexible commissisons based on their trading volumes - the more you trade, the lower commissions you pay. Depending on your monthly transactions, commissions can fall down to USD 0.30 per contract. 
Preferential conditions under the Program
Contract CurrencyTrading volume: number of contracts per month
Standard Fee251 - 10001001 - 50005001 - 1000010001 - 5000050000+
AUDAUD 10.00AUD 5.00AUD 2.50AUD 1.42AUD 0.83AUD 0.50
EUREUR 6.00EUR 3.00EUR 1.50EUR 0.85EUR 0.50EUR 0.30
GBPGBP 5.00GBP 2.50GBP 1.25GBP 0.71GBP 0.42GBP 0.25
SGDSGD 15.00SGD 7.50SGD 3.75SGD 2.25SGD 1.50SGD 1.00
USDUSD 6.00USD 3.00USD 1.50USD 0.85USD 0.50USD 0.30
CHFCHF 8.00CHF 4.00CHF 2.00CHF 1.13CHF 0.67CHF 0.40
JPYJPY 1000JPY 800JPY 750JPY 650JPY 550JPY 500
HKD (Mini)HKD 30HKD 25HKD 20HKD 15HKD 10HKD 8
The minimum commission for futures trading is as follows: USD 10, EUR 10, GBP 8, CHF 11, AUD 12.5, CAD 10, NZD 10, JPY 1 200 or SGD 20. All commissions refer to online traded futures contracts and do not include exchange fees, which are listed in the futures contracts lists.
Eligibility for participation
In order to benefit from preferential conditions under the Active Trader - Futures Program, one needs to trade at least 250 futures contracts within a calendar month. Upon compliance with one of the above requirements, you are eligible to participate in the Active Trader - Futures Program but you will need to contact us via phone, online chat or e-mail stating your desire to take part.
Preferential conditions shall be valid for the month when you have been included in the Program by BenchMark Finance and the month after.
You have met the requirements for participation in the Program between August 1 and 17. BenchMark Finance shall include you in the preferential group for the rest of August and throughout September. In order to remain in this group, you will need to meet one of the requirements for the month of September.
Discontinuation of your participation in the Program
In case you fail to comply with any of the requirements under the Active Trader - Futures Program during any of the months to follow, BenchMark Finance shall discontinue your participation in the Program until you are further eligible to take part in it

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